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This site was created to give new followers of MYNAME information about the band. There will also be links to MYNAME members Twitter, Instagram and other MYNAME websites from all over the world.

MYNAME North America fanbase website.


MYNAME is a South Korean boy band. The five members of the group are:


Insoo - Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Gunwoo - Main Vocalist, Leader

Seyong - Lead Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist

JunQ - Main Rapper

Chaejin - Vocalist, Maknae


MYNAME are signed to H2 Media. Which was created by Fly to the sky member Hwanhee. 

Their debut single "Message" was released October 2011. They had a reality show on SBS MTV "Ta-Dah It's MYNAME" in 2011. The group made a cameo appearance in KBS drama Dream High 2, and filmed a new season of their SBS MTV's "Diary" in 2012.  MYNAME'S comeback single and music video "Hello and Goodbye" was release in May 2012. The fan name for MYNAME is "MYGIRL".


MYNAME debuted in Japan with a Japanese version of "Message" and an original Japanese track "Summer Party" in July 2012. Followed by successful solo concerts in Japan.


The group held their first solo concert in Korea in 2013 after releasing "Just that little thing". They also released their first full length Japanese album called "We are MYNAME".  The title track " We are the night" became #3 on the Oricon Daily and Weekly chart. After this MYNAME had sold out concerts in Japan in May 2013.


A comeback song "Baby I'm sorry" was released in July 2013 in Korea. The video that followed was rated 19+ for violence.  Followed by a full mini album MYNAME made appearances on M Countdown and KBS Music Bank. And "Baby I'm sorry" made it to #5 on the countdown. "Day by Day" their next song a more hip hop, R&B track, was released October 2013.


A Japanese film "Shinokubo Story" was aired on line in November 2013, featuring the members. MYNAME released more songs in Japan and held concerts in January 2014. The tour titled "Hands Up" was a success.

The song "F.F.Y" (Fight for you) was released in February and a full length album "Five Stars" was released. Promotion and Live House concerts followed. More concerts to follow in September 2014.




MYNAME are amazing singers, dancers and have great talent. Their songs are danceable, catchy, heartwarming. Good melodies, rhythm, beats and lyrics. Music is an international language and MYNAME are known all over the world thanks to the Internet and their fans. The international North American fan base is waiting for MYNAME to go on a World tour.







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